Congestion, Cold & Flu Symptoms

Common Cold

Common colds

The causes and symptoms of the common cold and advice on how to treat and prevent it.

SUDAFED® Headcold Symptoms, Signs & Relief

Got a head cold?

SUDAFED® has products which can help you clear your head and get back to your best

Sinusitis - inflammation of the sinuses

Sinusitis Explained

Could the pressure you’re feeling be Sinusitis?

SUDAFED® Blocked Nose & Sinus Symptoms & Relief

Blocked Nose

It’s well-known that a blocked nose is often caused by having a cold or flu.

SUDAFED® Congestion Explained: How To Get Rid Of Mucus


Cold and flu symptoms can leave you feeling very under the weather and in need of soothing relief.

SUDAFED® Symptoms of Hay Fever -  Treatment & Medication


When pollen levels increase, allergy congestion can make breathing through your nose difficult.

Sudafed Congestion Symptom Checker

Cold Home Remedies

Tips for home remedies that can help to alleviate cold symptoms.

How Does SUDAFED® Work: Active Ingredients

Allergy or Cold?

Our quick questions can provide extra information to differentiate between an allergy and a cold!

Sudafed Congestion Symptom Checker

What is catarrh and ways to help get rid of it

Discover the causes, symptoms and treatments for catarrh.

Sudafed Congestion Symptom Checker

Blocked Nose at Night

Out tips on how to sleep with a blocked nose, to help you get the rest your body needs to recover.

Sudafed Congestion Symptom Checker

Cold vs Flu

Cold and flu symptoms can be similar, but it’s important to be able to tell them apart to get the right treatment.

Sudafed Congestion Symptom Checker

Types of Headache and Treatment

Headaches can be uncomfortable and disruptive but there are ways to help ease the pain.