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Congestion, Cold & Flu Symptoms

SUDAFED® Headcold Symptoms, Signs & Relief

SUDAFED® has products which can help you clear your head and get back to your best


Could the pressure you’re feeling be Sinusitis?

SUDAFED® Blocked Nose & Sinus Symptoms & Relief

It’s well-known that a blocked nose is often caused by having a cold or flu.

SUDAFED® Congestion Explained: How To Get Rid Of Mucus

Cold and flu symptoms can leave you feeling very under the weather and in need of soothing relief.

SUDAFED® Symptoms of Hay Fever -  Treatment & Medication

When pollen levels increase, allergy congestion can make breathing through your nose difficult.

How Does SUDAFED® Work: Active Ingredients

Our quick questions can provide extra information to differentiate between an allergy and a cold!