Sinus Congestion or Allergy

Not sure if you have sinus congestion or allergies? Although they can appear similar, they have often have different treatments. Make sure you’re in the know by taking a look at the common symptoms below.


Lady with itchy eyes

Common Allergy Symptoms

Itchy Eyes

Allergy eyes are one of the most uncomfortable symptoms of hay fever. They’ll often feel irritated, sore or swollen, and can be an annoying distraction throughout the day.
Pollen is a fine powder that can easily get into the eyes. Your body’s natural defence is to create histamine, but although this is meant to help, it’s what actually causes that itchy feeling!


Lady blowing her nose

Itchy Runny Nose

When you have allergies, your body reacts to things that aren't really harmful, like pollen, dust mites, mold, or pet dander. It releases histamine, a chemical that causes swelling and inflammation. The blood vessels in your eyes swell and your eyes get red, teary, and itchy.


Lady sneezing


Unlike the type of sneezing associated with a cold, allergy sneezing happens when airborne pollen finds its way into your nasal cavities and your body tries to force it out. It’s one of the most common rhinitis symptoms, so if you know you’re prone to it, we recommend always having some tissues handy


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Lady with sinus pain

Common Sinus Congestion Symptoms

Sinus Pain

If you have sinus pain, it may feel like there’s pressure against your eyes, cheeks and forehead. This often worsens when you bend over or lie down. It usually goes hand-in-hand with other common sinus congestion symptoms, such as a blocked nose, tiredness, or even an achy feeling in your upper teeth.


Lady with blocked nose

Blocked Nose

A blocked nose is one of the most common symptoms of a cold — and also one of the most annoying! Your nose may also be runny, and you might find it hard to talk or breathe normally.

It’s often believed a blocked nose is caused by the build up of mucus, but that blocked feeling is actually down to inflamed blood vessels in the nose cavity.


Lady with headache


If you have a headache and feel generally unwell, chances are you have a head cold. It’s just like a common cold, but the symptoms are mostly felt around your face and sinuses. Remember, there are many other headache causes, so if it persists, you should always go and see a doctor.

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