About Us

SUDAFED® is the most popular selling decongestant brand on the market.

For over 30 years, we've been pioneering clinically proven, over-the-counter treatments for congestion and associated symptoms, enabling people to treat a whole spectrum of congestion symptoms without needing a prescription, from a simple blocked nose to sinus pressure and pain.

Blocked Nose

SUDAFED® Blocked Nose Spray for 3 way rapid relief. Helps unblock your nose, reduce the build-up of mucus and ease breathing through your nose.

Just one spray up each nostril helps to clear blocked nasal passages and reduce stuffiness, so you can breathe freely through your nose once again.

Head cold

If you’re feeling heavy headed, you might be suffering from a Headcold. Treat your blocked nose and the pressure and heaviness in your head with our Congestion and Headache Relief Max Strength Capsules.

To help you get back to being yourself.

Head cold Day and Night

Head colds can feel even worse at night, Congestion and Headache Day and Night fights the symptoms of your head cold around the clock with different capsules for day and night.

For help getting the good night’s sleep you need, and keep fighting your symptoms to stay on top of your day